No More Grey Areas On the Wards

It’s perfectly straightforward, don’t you agree? Grey is such a depressed and uninspiring not quite colour. It should be used as sparingly as possible and slightly less than that if it can be helped at all. It’s not exactly surprising that brand new rules have been put in place saying that when interior decorating plans are being devised for hospital buildings, grey is not to feature whatsoever. That’s not to say it will all become head spinningly vibrant from floor to ceiling. It’s highly doable to forge a third road in tasteful pastel shades.

And they’re totally not shamelessly piggybacking off the imminent release of the depressing phenomenon that is the film version of Fifty Shades of Grey. I’m rather disappointed that thought occurred to you at all. This impulse springs quite entirely from a motivation to improve conditions for the poor incarcerated patients. Or perhaps it’s a drive to make surroundings quite so embarrassingly twee as to make the sickies want to get the hell out of there as soon as physically possible. The NHS do very much need to make all manner of cuts and savings wherever they can.

Of course the new rules will do nothing to alter the status quo of how things are right at this very moment. No one is proposing to go about with a vast quantity of white paint and a stack of tiles (or whatever administrators choose to use to cover the walls and such) and making some serious stylistic alterations. But maybe, just maybe, whoever’s behind it all is really hoping that it will cause others to go on out and get rid of that depressing grey so that it will haunt the corridors of the national health service (and any number of private healthcare providers we’ll say no more about) for not a single second longer. We can only hope.


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