War On Televised Election Debate

We have quite simply got to stop caring quite so very much about what are politicians are like in terms of personality. It’s so far away from being actually important in the grand scheme of things. If democracy is to be saved in any way at all, it’s the actual policies we need to engage with for once. Ban the public appearances, do away with the interviews on the telly, the radio, in print and whatever other flavour of media they might be able to get their hands on and strip them of all their social media accounts.

I know full well that members of parliament are our elected representatives but there’s just got to be a better way of inserting them into office. Turn it into a lottery or compulsory public service, force them to apply with increasingly glittery CVs, only whatever you do, don’t have a system in place whereby hopeful candidates have to appeal to the general public for favour. We’re all total idiots, all to easily swayed and without the slightest clue as to what’s best for us. Take a peek at the choice selection we have on offer at the moment. We can complain all we like but the harsh reality is that we’re the ones who put them there. As voters, we took a long look at who was jostling for position and picked them.

Clearly things have to alter themselves most dramatically. However, I am fully aware as to what we’re like as a country. We definitely do not like change. So I am not for one moment proposing that we do it all at once. It can begin with the simplest smallest thing of almost no consequence whatsoever. We can go ahead and outlaw televised debates. It’s the only way I can come up with of preventing the further rise of the one with a pint always in hand or the messy haired bumbler.


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