New Europe Terror Plot Targets Snow Warning

No, the terrorists do not suddenly have power over the weather. No one’s that powerful. I do of course realise that this means I’ve done two consecutive weather related tales but what else did you expect? I am British after all, it’s embedded into my DNA to bring up what’s going on climate wise when there’s nothing else worth discussing. Or even if there are topics worth alighting on but are too uncomfortable for relatively polite conversation. We also ramble as a people. Or it could just be me. Anyway, the freedom fighters or whatever euphemistic name they choose to dub themselves with have not suddenly developed fantastical new abilities. It’s ever so slightly more insidious than that.

They know that we know that snow could possibly be on the way at some point in the near or marginally more distant future. But they don’t want for us to be given even the minorly accurate warning dispensed by broadcast meteorologists. Think about it, when we know that snow might fall we can prepare for it. Some grit their driveways and make sure that their trusty snow shovels are close to hand. Others practice their croaky voices in the hope that they might convince their work superiors that they’re sufficiently ill and also dig out potentially useable tea trays for sledging on.

But if we are unprepared for the terrifying blankety onslaught of white fluffy stuff from the sky then the country will surely ground to a complete halt when it does in way that it simply never did before. Trains won’t run, even more people won’t be able to make it into the office, all of the schools will have to stay open because they were taken unawares and couldn’t find the phone tree list in order to let the parents know. It will be so much worse that it’s ever been before and no mistaking. Yes it will.


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