Cameron Asks Obama To Beat Terror

This very definitely isn’t a case of over the top subservient hero worship. It’s almost the furthest thing from the Blair Brown relationship possible between two heads of state. It’s hardly especially surprising that Mr Cameron might decide Obama’s got serious game in the whole terror combat department (he’s been wrong before, we all have. It’s just that this happens to be one of those times when it’s mildly understandable). It’s sweet really, that dear little David thought that the president was essentially simply holding back and he reckoned that asking nicely was all it would take to sort absolutely everything out.

For the longest time, he couldn’t for the life of him figure out precisely how to do it. He doodled absentmindedly across endless sheets of paper and the odd memo pad or seven. He very nearly gave himself repetitive strain injury from all the half or nearly typed emails where he couldn’t quite force himself to click on that devilishly tricksy send button. His hand hovered over very many phones with increasing trepidation. But at long last he very finally managed to pluck up the courage to send forth his missive. In the politest possible terms, Cameron asked Obama to knock it off already. If he didn’t mind awfully. As long as he didn’t have anything else to be getting on with at that moment in time.

We can’t know for sure the precise degree of dismissiveness that Obama went for in his reply. He probably tried for something vaguely close to politeness once he’d finished rolling his eyes. For all the intelligence on offer to we the general public, we can probably surmise that Obama decided to give Cameron his very own special mission in the war on terror. It’s probably counting post-it notes or something highly vital like that.


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