5 Golden Rules to Stave Off Terror

There can’t possibly be a whole entire five now can there. You would think that getting as far away as you can from being really rather unsettled indeed. Isn’t it down to mere avoidance of a particular newspaper known as the Daily Mail? Am I being facetious? You decide because I’m really not completely sure that I actually care any more. I might just be a bit tired. Obviously it couldn’t possibly be quite that simple. We’re talking about pure and unadulterated terror here. Not lingering fear or a mild sense of discomfort. Or even disappointment. What I’m referring to is deep twisting in the pit of your stomach, oops I think I’ve done something rather inappropriate and unsavoury in my pants, imminent death anticipating terror.

Approach the world around you with confidence, act as if none of it could possibly hurt you and at some point you might start believing it. Spread kindness and love to all those around you in the hope that a mere portion of your good vibes might infect absolutely anyone else. I might have been ever so slightly pulling your leg with regards to a certain newspaper but do make sure that your literary diet is littered with positive treats so that you don’t get too horribly weighed down by the bad stuff this life has to offer. That’s not even five is it? I can’t really think of anything much else to tell you. Maybe this article shouldn’t have been about what the five golden rules are rather than the fact that they’ve been discovered in the first place.

But if all else fails then there’s always something you could do. Merely wrap yourself in cotton woolly bubble wrap and go and hide under a rock. Then nothing bad can get to you. Maybe clamp your eyes shut too, just to make sure that the monsters don’t find you.


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