Celeb B Bro Fires Warning Shot On Fuel Prices

Oh it’s a lot more than whatever you think goes down on that programme. Clearly you’re only encounters with it are its rather ugly portrayal care of Ricky Gervais and vague allegations of racism or indecency that have caught your attention every now and again (and that’s simply down to your soft spot for S Club 7 that’s remained with you for really far too long). However, if you actually sat up and paid attention to the television (I don’t want to hear it that you can’t be bothered to pay for a TV license or so much as unleash your tiny screen from its box, let alone hunt down a coaxial cable. It’s all far too much hassle for you to waste your increasingly precious time on), I think you’d find that it is truly worthy and incredible viewing material.

I won’t at this point even begin to try and deny its self serving aspect. Of course it’s launching platform for hitherto inconspicuous or faded celebrities. We all know this. But that fact in and of itself shouldn’t obscure the show’s greater purpose in life. From celebrity big brother comes hard hitting journalism the likes of which you have never seen before in your entire history. Case in point, they’re the only ones with the actual and physical balls to speak up about the dangerous situation going down with fuel prices. Oh they’ll sink for a little while but they’ll spring back with a vengeance like an especially tightly coiled length of wire with a particular grudge against drivers.

So very clearly you need to continue to pay all due notice to this enlightening beacon of broadcasts. If you miss even a single episode who knows what momentous story you’ll miss out on completely? Then what will you have to say to all your coworkers at the water cooler in order to astound them? You know as well as I that there is nothing more important in life.


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