One In Three Children Has Misery Of Dementia

Oh we hear plenty and more about adults who have to suffer through forgetfulness but won’t someone please just think of the children? You may think that it’s adorably middle aged for a tiny tot to wander into the room and wonder what it was they came in there for but it’s an entirely serious thing for them. Maybe people try to shrug it off as the fact that the youngsters simply have appalling memories. But that doesn’t explain quite how they used to be able to recite the alphabet back to front whilst standing on their heads and playing the violin with their feet yet not they cannot quite recall what on earth comes after p.

Perhaps we need to remove the stigma of dementia. It’s not their faults, they’re still perfectly functional and useful members of society. They simply can’t be trusted with scissors and the like but that’s really rather stunningly alright because you’re excellent with them and are always keen to display your talent. People who sadly find themselves utterly unable to remember anything really have absolutely no idea quite how good they’ve got it (well, how could they?). So much of the main bulk of life’s burdens are taken clean off their shoulders and they can wander through life as the embodiment of the maxim that ignorance really is bliss.

And yet, how will they make themselves useful to society? How shall they ever become more than just a drain to those around them? Oh really, world. Nothing could be simpler. Given that repetition will have no power over them or threaten to wear them down into heaving piles of weeping ash and any insults thrown at them will be forgotten in a moment I would have thought that the answer would be obvious. Stick them in call centres. Even better, you can assure them that they’ve absolutely been paid any time they ask even though they quite blatantly haven’t. The capitalists will love it.


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