How To… Cross Your Fingers

So what is it that’s going on with you? Are you going in for altogether entirely deviotic behaviour, lying to all those around you but feeling the compulsion to mark it in some way? Or are you holding out hope for some unlikely event that you hope to effect in some way by the action of your fingers? You know full well that the power to change the course of destiny, it lies in the very tips of your digits if only you could find some way to harness it. Whatever it is you’ve got going on, you’re very definitely going to need my help. I don’t know why I bothered qualifying matters, you’re always going to need me and I’m terribly sorry for not dispensing more advice of late.

I order to furl those tiny hand arms around one another, you need to limber them up. If you try and do it while they’re cold I’m afraid to have to tell you that they could well snap clean off and then you’d be in a very terrible mess. So stretch and wiggle, that’s how you get the blood flowing. Should such an activity help you get into the correct mindset or you merely want to do it anyway, flip a practice bird or two at an unsuspecting passerby. It’s purely a vital part of your exercise regime.

What now? Is it time? Are you ready to wrap your smartphone operators together for whatever reason you might have? Alright then, only if you think you’re adequately prepared. I’m sure you’ve heard the terrible story of Mr Jenkins who crossed his fingers without really thinking about it and accidentally attracted the attention of a passing hawk who took the whole hand for his own. With the poor fellow still attached. But I’m sure that won’t happen to you. Just cross the middle over the index and see what magic unfolds.


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