Obama Vows Revenge Over Panic Saturday

Obama is a proud man, a nationalistic and, as it turns out, a surprisingly spiteful one. For years he’s very much enjoyed the cache held by Black Friday, it’s the spirit of capitalism wrapped up in a gorgeous festive bow. What’s not to like? It’s even made its merry way over to this side of the pond for no reason at all given that we don’t go in for all that Thanksgiving nonsense (I’m not against that as a holiday concept though. I do enjoy the concept of a holiday based primarily around food. No, that’s totally not what Christmas is already). What Obama is not a fan of is the idea of us coming up with our own day of the week plus an adjective based pseudo holiday.

It’s hardly surprising that the last weekend before Christmas is a relatively busy one shopping wise. The less organised folks (or, you know, the ones that have jobs to go to during the week rather than countless hours to fritter away on present purchasing and random internet browsing) have been scurrying around today trying to get everything home in time to swathe it in some sort of vaguely appropriate wrapping paper. I suppose that Panic Saturday is really rather stunningly accurate. But accuracy does not mean that it’s right.

Obama’s definitely got the right end of the stick here. The sticky thing is that he’s a pretty powerful man (well, he’s got more resources than I do so he could possibly at some point effect some variety of global change. I’m not sure if he’s managed it yet though so now would be the time to start). He’s got people who can do things and machines to operate that can totally get things done. I’m going to leave it there because anything I might say may lead to some form of international incident of sadly epic proportions. And it’s Christmas, it’s hardly the time of year for that sort of thing.


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