The Great British Bet Frenzy

Now what could we possibly have to bet on at this merry time of year? Well, we’re British, the short answer to that particular question is anything we damn well please. Of course there’s the Apprentice final coming up this Sunday (obviously I’ll be glued to it in spite of the fact that I was completely wrong about the two contestants who made it all the way through. I hope I’m not wrong about the eventual winner though. Two years in a row of all the wrong choices would be a very poor show indeed). I’m sure that there has been plenty of money laid down on whether or not Alan will finally celebrate the conclusion of events by waltzing through the boardroom with Nick. The only question really concerns which tune Karren will select to serenade them with.

You could very certainly say that there’s more to life than television (I’m not entirely sure that you’d be one hundred per cent correct but you are still entitled to your opinions. However wrong they might be). However, while we’re on the subject, there’s plenty of speculation as to what might occur on it this festive season. Will the cast of Eastenders at long last break onto the set of Downton Abbey and wreak all manner of havoc for the Crawley family? Will Miranda take a tumble and crash headfirst through the doors of the TARDIS thereby providing her with a handy escape from all those errant proposals flitting around her?

I’m given to understand that a lot of people are wondering whether the Queen might use her Christmas speech to abdicate her very fancy seat. She might even give way to popular opinion and hand the reins of power over to her grandson and his beloved pregnant Duchess. I very much doubt it. Besides, I don’t think anyone really cares about such matters. I bet you don’t.


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