Spy Agencies Asked US to Hide Magic Mushrooms

Oh, you know how it is. You go off on holiday, all excited about your sojourns abroad. Perhaps it’s a journey into unchartered waters, places you’ve never travelled to before. You’ve been planning and plotting and arranging your little trip for simply ages. The packing was meticulous to an almost military degree; passport, foreign currency, massive sunglasses for looking blissfully and impossibly cool, socks and pants to theoretically last you twice as long as the period during which you’ll be away.

Then, at the most inconvenient juncture conceivable, you find at the very bottom of your luggage, nestled amongst your swimming gear, the most massive stash of illegal drugs you’ve ever clapped your eyes on. Of course it highly certainly couldn’t be yours. How could anyone think such a thing? You’re an innocent insignificant flower, you’ve never done anything remotely wrong in your life. It’s clear for all to see that you’ve been used, a dupe, a patsy, the biggest mug in recorded history. So you appeal for the help of others. If someone could only conceal you and your illicit stash from authorities you might be saved entirely.

This exact scenario has quite definitely happened to all of us, don’t you try and deny it. And if it’s embarrassing and potentially life destroying for we commoners, imagine how bad it would be if we were to wield any governmental authority in our day to day affairs. It’s terribly poor form for a spy to get busted for drug smuggling unless it was a crucial step in a complicated international heist or some such. So I think we can all find and spare a little understanding for the poor agents beset by travel and customs related woes regarding magic mushrooms. They definitely weren’t going to use them anyway so it’s hardly a surprise that they asked the US to hide them on their behalf. Provided they could pick them up later.


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