Cheryl and Mel B Threatened By Drone Near Miss at Heathrow

It was very definitely and completely a perfectly ordinary Sunday morning. Or so that’s what everyone thought. In spite of the generous spike in viewings due to the viewing figures for the latest series of X factor down to the intrigue generated by the extensive media coverage of their supposed feud, Mel B and Cheryl decided to put aside their publicised differences and make it perfectly clear that there wasn’t so much as the merest hint of animosity between them. Highly charitable of them to put their renewed friendship ahead of what Simon Cowell might desire for the dwindling profile of his telly show.

If truth be told (and let’s be honest, when isn’t it in this glorious modern age of ours? After all, we all know full well precisely what anyone and everyone might think of us at any point in time don’t we?), the girls would much rather that the general public really knew just how highly they thought of one another.

So, what better way could there possibly be to confirm to all the world that you’re a true pair of best friends forever? I’m not even sure why I’ve phrased that as a question, the answer is so very obvious indeed. It could hardly be anything at all other than paragliding. The wind rippling through your hair, the rolling vista of incredible view spread out far and wide beneath you and the prospect of the stories you can tell about your shared bonding experience later, pure bliss.

There’s almost definitely no way to ever know for sure (which is convenient for me as the person recounting this epic tale) quite who it was that ordered the drone strike. It could have been an avid fan spinning madly out of control, an internet troll who finally plucked up the nerve to take things to the next level or the celebs could have coincidentally very nearly got themselves in the way of a military strike to eliminate some potential terrorists. The possibilities are far from endless.


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