Y is for Yokelish

You got a problem with that? Someone might be terribly disappointed in me for not seizing the opportunity to share my thoughts on yodelling. Others could scratch their heads in confusion at my admittedly invented word. But my blog, my rules. We’re not delving all the way into the world of yokel ways, just opting for something of a partial plunge. There are so many times in life when you can’t help but feel like something of a total country bumpkin. No? Just me? What fun.

Earlier, I was taking a peek at my brother’s artistic efforts. He’d drawn a flower in pencil, taken a photo and coloured it in on his laptop. Basically, three things I’d be pretty sure to effortlessly screw up (maybe I’d just about manage to get the photo nearly almost right) because of my lack of drawing abilities and technical prowess (I’m totally mind blowingly creative, merely in other ways). So when I glanced at the beautifully rendered sweet pea (or whatever it was, I forget. Remembering such things is clearly not my forte either), I thought how excellently impressive it was. Apparently it was relatively amateurish. Shows what I know.

So what do you do? Do you embrace your own simplicity, your lack of knowledge, your ineptitude with dealing with the complex behemoth we refer to as life? That’s probably the way to go. It’s a lot less effort than going the other way and trying to improve your lot and expertise on this mortal coil. There’s absolutely no shame whatsoever in embracing the status of yokel or indeed revelling in the fact that from time to time you just so happen to be somewhat yokelish. There will always be someone who either feels the need to be superior or can’t help the fact that they actually quite clearly are. All you need to is find the person out there (there really must be at least one because otherwise what’s the point?) who feels yokelish compared to you. Best of luck.


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