W is for Woo

What could I possibly mean by my use of the word woo? Am I sneakily turning things around to the world of romance? Could this be my incredibly subtle way of trying to get into your pants (oh get your mind out of the gutter you horny monster. I’m simply not available. I totally didn’t bring that up just so that I could say that truthfully for pretty much the first time in my life)? Obviously not. There are other uses of the word woo after all. Employ it twice and you could be ordering a choice cocktail (I’ve never had one, I wouldn’t know what they taste like).

So I’m rather sorry to say (I’m not sorry at all but you knew that already. I just needed to find a different way to frame my sentiment) that I’m not veering into the land of all things relationship shaped. No, I’m focussing instead on the word woo. It’s not quite onomatopoeic but if you say it properly you’ll feel the correct level of excitement that it definitely ought to bring. Go on, say it. The word woo, as long as it isn’t said sarcastically (which is of course very easily done), is an exclamation of unbridled joy. Alright, that’s taking things ever so slightly too far but I feel that woo is an underrated entry in the lexicon.

At this point you might not quite be feeling the love. You could be hunched with folded arms, the grumpy expression of a recently smacked cat slapped across your face and a thunderous cloud of being a downer rattling through your mind. If this happens to be the case you’re probably something of a lost cause. However, stand up (just do it. I mean it. I will find you if you don’t), raise your arms to the ceiling with feeling and shout woo. At least you’ve got some attention now.


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