L is for Lichtenstein

You might start out by thinking that this is something of a stupid question (you’d be dead wrong but I know you well enough by now to have a reasonable idea of how you respond to my inane ramblings) but can we actually be truly sure that Lichtenstein is in fact a real place? Oh don’t you look at me like that. It’s a tiny sovereignty that is so relatively unknown in this great global sphere of ours that it’s easy to exploit or straight up make up things about. Not mean hurtful libel like I’m doing my very best to avoid here (because even fictional countries probably have the capacity to sue should they get sufficiently het up about it). Rather more stuff like when John Finnemore invented a pint sized king for them during an episode of Cabin Pressure when all they really have is a Crown Prince (I might just get up the snobbery to sneer at them if I gave the remotest toss about anything monarchy related).

It’s definitely been taken advantage of in the past for its teeny tiny size. Well, I suppose again that’s not entirely fair. If I got it sufficiently together to have a podcast (Answer Me This: look it up, tell your friends. I’m well aware that they get a hell of a lot more listeners than I do readers but in the universal Venn diagram there may or may not be overlap which could well lead to a noticeable rise in their listenership making them terribly grateful for my generous plug), I imagine I might just want to give it a boost in the iTunes charts. Something as radical and exciting and nipping off to Lichtenstein to hand out gingerbread in a heartfelt plea for downloads. Lichtenstein, it’s a land of dreams, the very place you’ll definitely always find yourself longing to be.


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