K is for Kettling

I’ve spent some time thinking about it (what else do I really have to do all day? Wait a minute, please don’t answer that. I’ll only get sad and you’ll start looking pretty mean and neither of us want anything even approaching that situation), kettling is a pretty odd name for a relatively illogical practice. I suppose it’s halfway to reasonable that the police would want to cordon off protestors or other disagreeable persons (disagreeable to them, that is. I’m sure that protestors are perfectly wonderful people in and of themselves but for some strange reason they don’t seem to get on all that well with officials of various kinds). But locking them all up together in a little room and expecting them to play nice (yes, I’ve never experienced it and am making wild assumptions as to what happens during this process)? Now that’s going to far.

It’s right there in the name, kettling. You cordon off excitable people in one small area and by the simple act of cutting off their freedom to space and whatever, you’re effectively turning on the heat (that made some sort of sense, right? I’m not particularly afraid – because seriously, there’s not a whole lot you can do to me, strangers out there in internet land, you’re hardly the grammar police if such a thing actually existed – to admit that the previous sentence happened to get away from me just a tad or several).

Basically, I suppose it’s quite fitting really that kettling causes people to go on the boil ever so slightly. I really should have thought up a point beyond that, I was pretty much just playing around with the word a little because I was rather in the need for a k word to write about today. Maybe I should have lied and said it was something rather deeper and more profound than that. Such is life I suppose.


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