I is for Interstellar

Now, had I seen this film (as was possibly on the slate for today, along with other things like a trip to the safari park. Yes, people, my life really this exciting. I know you’re going to have to rein in your jealousy. It’s only natural, can we continue now?), I could talk about it. I could delight you with my intensely well thought out musings on this cinematic (I hesitate to say masterpiece because while I may not have actually witnessed this film for myself, I have in fact read a review saying that it’s mediocre at the very best especially when you take into account its top tier cast and massive budget) endeavour. I might regale you with witty anecdotes that occurred to me during viewing.

But I didn’t. Instead I went to Bridgnorth in Shropshire. We went to a pub for lunch and sampled the delights of the steepest inland funicular (yeah, who knew that was a word. I’m not even entirely sure what it means, it was basically a very steep track and the carriage stayed horizontal the whole time. It was awesome) railway in Britain that connected the High and Low Town. And, as has seemingly become our habit when it comes to visiting touristy places, we strolled along the river for a short spell.

Now who can say that I would have had a better time had I gone to the cinema instead? Certainly not any of the reviewers who’ve taken a half hour or so to spew out their mind juice on this very topic. Certainly when you take into account the facts that I didn’t have to shell out a penny for travel there and someone else bought me my lunch (I did pay for parking though, a purse-ful of change is always an asset in these situations), it was a fairly cheap excursion. A hell of a lot less than a film ticket these days anyway.


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