H is for Hedgehog Rescue

I can officially confirm that there actually are reasons in life to hope for the future. There are decent people in the world and excellent things worth witnessing in the greater spaces outside of my own four walls (well, in dwellings belonging to my parents as opposed to anything that could legally or actually be called mine). Basically, I just saw something really pretty cute and it made me happy. As you might well have gathered by the title of this here post, this very day a hedgehog was rescued from imminent squishing by a car.

I could definitely have played a more heroic role in this particular anecdote. I was crossing the road with a relatively large suitcase full of personal possessions sufficiently dear to me (okay, mainly just my laptop) that rendered it something I didn’t especially want to leave unattended on the lean mean streets of Droitwich Spa (it’s something of a crime hotspot. In the minds of various worried middle Englanders who may or may not be regular readers of the Daily Mail. Yeah, I’m not sure whether or not they exist either). So I crossed in a manner that would make the hedgehogs in the road safety advertisements terribly proud and watched.

It could have been a case of almost certain doom. A car came hurtling along (possibly travelling as fast as twenty miles an hour) and the poor little hog of the hedges was wandering aimlessly (it may have been totally off its face on milk or whatever it is that they have for fun) across the tarmac. It then proceeded to swerve in incredibly slow motion and cheerily acknowledge my thumbs up. All was happy and safe. Then two more cars, approaching from opposite directions came trundling up. They stopped at a safe distance. It was an impasse, a stalemate, my time to shine. Then one of the drivers got out, covered his hands with his sleep and scooped the tiny critter towards safety. At least he survived. And the hedgehog.


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