G is for Googolplex

Size really is important. Anyone who ever dared to tell you otherwise was a dirty great fibber or else just wasn’t thinking about the correct stuff. They might believe that they were being terribly clever and reassuring when they said that whatever it is has so much more to do with what you do with it, how you use the appendage in question (because I have been led to believe by popular culture as opposed to genuine real world experience that a large proportion of men are overly concerned by the size of their crotchulatory dangle when compared with others than is strictly healthy for them). But I’m afraid to have to tell you the sad truth is that if you reckon it’s too small then it almost definitely is. We are of course talking on the grander scale of the universe.

The wider reaches of space really are pretty damn big. Unfortunately, the googolplex has gone far too far the other way. Our own galaxy, the stars in the heavens and even entire surface area of this here planet laid flat is a lot larger than we can really give it credit for, bigger than we can properly picture. According to the venerated fountain of collective human knowledge, also known as Wikipedia (that seems to be constantly having money woes and funding crises. The number of times I’ve been browsing and it’s popped up asking for donations is beginning to make me think the site might have a gambling problem or something), has 10^78 (that’s a lot of zeroes, trust me) atoms. The googolplex is the a standardised way of saying 10^10^100.

Given that I am not some sort of vastly intelligent quantum physicist (I could have a go at doing an impression of one but something tells me that it would be at least one of rubbish and highly offensive), I’m not sure why I would ever feel the need to use a googolplex in my day to day life, much less write a three hundred word piece on it. I’ll leave you to ponder.


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