Y is for You Can’t Stop Anything

I’m really quite surprised that we’ve ever bothered to put any effort in. According to my lengthy consultations with the runaway juggernaut that is the massive sphere of pop culture (Googling, it was obviously just googling but you ought to know me well enough by now to have realised that I like to frame things in an unnecessarily grandiose fashion), it’s next to impossible to stop anything. Depending on what you might have seen, heard or otherwise ingested through media related osmosis, you’ll know some or all of this.

There’s absolutely no way in your power or anyone else’s to stop the beat. It’s definitely nowhere in the region of possibility for someone to stop the signal. It’s certainly not a thing that you can do to stop the murders. The music is another concept that is well and truly unstoppable. According to a particular singer I’m not going to name because I want the people who read this and recognise every single reference (because they’re out there, I know they are. And they will find me. I mean this. And they will appreciate me for my nerdy art) to feel suitably smug, you can’t stop the reign. There are times in life when I really wish you could but we all know you can’t.

I’m not entirely sure why you’d want to or even why the thought might enter your head that you could be even slightly able to, but stopping a comet is outside of your capabilities, as almighty and formidable as they no doubt are. And the most important message for you to take away from this, the thing above all others that you will absolutely never be able to do, you can’t stop me. Which is rather handy because, among the many things which I can’t doing, I can’t stop loving you. Did I just make it weird? Sorry. Love you. I’ll stop now.


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