V is for Vendetta

No, I’ve never seen the film V is for Vendetta. What would give you that impression? If I had done so and was in a mind to write a review for said cinematic release then this post would quite obviously be entitled V is for V is for Vendetta. It’s not remotely confusing. I don’t know what you’re trying to insinuate. As I say, I’ve never even seen the film in question. I could go and uncover whatever it is that it happens to be about but I really don’t feel like it right now. I am aware that Natalie Portman’s in it but I’m afraid to say that my knowledge runs rather dry there. Oh don’t look so disappointed. I could start telling you, in excruciating detail, about a rash on my thigh. Oh, you’re suddenly much more interested in why I’m not going to bother to put any effort in as per usual? Funny how these things pan out.

Anyway, who wants to go into boring things like film discussions when we could be contemplating the tangled web of delight that happens to be the twisted world of various vendettas. I bet that everyone’s got one in them whether they’re aware of it or not. One might have a crusading desire to bring down all parking attendants. That strikes me as rude but who am I to tell you how to live your life? This is how vendettas work, they’re a far cry from anything rational.

Of course it has been pointed out to me as I write this that the DVD of the film I’m positively opposed to mentioning any more is in fact sitting a metre or so away from me. This presents me with two options. There is a point at which my avoidance of this film has to become an active process. That point was about thirty seconds ago. I may have to take the second route and actually watch it. Who knows? It might be a laugh.


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