S is for S Animals

Well if QI can do it why can’t I? Yes I know that QI is an extremely popular television show with far more stimulating facts and tidbits gathered by magical elves. Whereas this blog is just me mumbling into the void, often displaying my astounding ignorance for literally tens (maybe ten. Twenty in an especially popular month) of strangers on the internet. So I think we probably ought to have established by now that I can talk about whatever I like and there’s next to nothing any of you out there can do to stop me (although you’re perfectly welcome to try. It might be relatively entertaining).

So if the mood strikes me I can go on at length about snakes, spiders and slippery nipples (no wait, that’s a cocktail isn’t it? I know about all sorts of things, promise). Or at least I could if I was blessed with an abundance of knowledge regarding such organisms. Maybe I could permit my imagination to launch into overdrive and I could furnish you with an entire spectrum of facts pertaining to various invented s animals. Or, were I remotely serious about emulating that exemplary example of programming, I could get off my bum and do some serious research into all creatures great and small provided their names began with s (actually, thinking about it, I probably wouldn’t even need to get up because I already have the internet at my very fingertips).

Let’s pick option number none of those and discuss Sally, Siobhan and Smoo. Sally is a squirrel who is attempting to bury concentric circles of nuts because she actually believes Siobhan the sage hen when she tells her that doing so will bring about the arrival of the alien invasion. So grateful will they be towards Sally and they will grant her wish to become a majestic snowy owl. Smoo thinks they’re both mad, but he would given that he’s a stuffed sea lion.


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