Z is for Zax

Yes, you’re right. Well done you, you’re incredibly perceptive (I keep doing this. I’m not really sure why. It’s not going to make any difference to anyone’s ego if I stroke it a little. You know I’m lying. Of course I don’t mean you, you’re simply excellent. I am not just trying to fill in some space. That burning smell is definitely not coming from my undercarriage. There isn’t even the slimmest of possibilities that my knickers are alight. And pointless tangent). Zax is another of the tiny yet high scoring Scrabble words that I get rather excited if I get the opportunity to use. You understand where I’m coming from don’t you? Even if you avoid every single bonus square you’ll get a guaranteed nineteen points for this brilliant play.

As always with the mini words with showy letters, I haven’t got a clue what a zax is. Can you be zaxy? How would you be behaving if someone admonished you for being zaxish? Could you have them committed for crimes against the English language and sanity in general? Would being equipped with a zax help you to survive the inevitable zombie apocalypse or at least make the time before your certain doom that infinitesimal bit more enjoyable?

Well, I’ve retrieved a definition and I can confirm that while a zax might not be the very best weapon with which to defend yourself against the living dead, it would do in a pinch. It’s almost as if I somehow predicted that a zax is a tool similar to a hatchet that can be used for cutting and dressing roofing slates as you so often find yourself wanting to do (I didn’t. It’s all a big fib. I glanced at the definition before I even started writing this. I am officially the most accomplished con artist you’ve never actually met. Beware my wrath). How handy.


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