X is for Xopher

Some people just have to be special don’t they? They can’t just sit back and accept the fact that they have a normal commonplace name that everyone’s fully aware of and will always be able to spell correctly. No, they have to tinker, to experiment. Not by devising a nickname based around some fascinating aspect of their personality (because they don’t have one) or a hilarious and exciting incident (as their lives are obviously devoid of such merriment. But no one’s judging. Did you hear judgement in what I was saying? How very odd). They decide to mess around with the natural order of things.

Xopher, otherwise spelt Christopher for those who feel like injecting a degree of normality into proceedings. Now I kind of sort of understand why an Alexander might seriously think about starting to go by Xander. It’s right there already within the name (and Joss Whedon made it so. The man can do no wrong. Well of course that’s not strictly true. I’m not quite such a devoted fangirl that I’d let him off for doing something truly awful like some terrible sex crime or resurrecting a beloved television show of his just to slaughter more dearly loved characters. If he ever goes after Kaylee or River I don’t think that many of us out there can be held entirely responsible for our actions).

But Xopher? How can that actually work? In what crazy world can Christ magically convert itself into an x? Apart from, you know, xmas. So maybe there is a twisted kind of logic behind it that I wasn’t properly allowing before. However, that doesn’t really make it okay. Take it from someone who has a weird name that people cannot consistently get right. Being different isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. My mum told me once that she always wanted to be left handed because it was interesting (that might not be the precise word she used). It’s mainly just a pain in the bum. Especially when it comes to scissors.


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