J is for Jason Jason Jason

It’s not been the best day. On the other hand, Jason Orange is leaving Take That so it can’t all be bad. Oh I’m not being entirely serious, I have no strong feelings when it comes to take that despite them being one of just two bands I’ve seen live (Mum really wanted to go. The other one was Bowling for Soup if you’re interested. It was an acoustic night and it was excellent. Of course that wasn’t the only live music I’ve seen – I happen to have attended many an open mic night. I’m not exactly sure why I’m being so defensive right now. I don’t think it has anything in particular to do with you, it’s not like I exactly care what you think of me or whatever. Deep breath. And move on).

This is the end of the road, once again. But not really because I imagine the remaining three millionaires will keep on making records and flogging them to their adoring public. Then again, how could anyone in their right mind want to leave behind such a glittering existence? Life as one of the lesser members (go on, name the remaining ones that aren’t Gary. You can’t do it can you? What do you mean you don’t care in the slightest? You know what? You’re all right you are) of a rapidly ageing boy band previously famous for shiny faces and tight bottoms or something (I was too young at the time to pay proper attention) must be nothing but roses and unending shininess.

Anyway, the lad’s made his decision and it’s his life after all. Why are you so bothered by this news? Name any of their more recent songs if you dare. Even if you are some sort of rabid fan it’s not really going to make all that much of a difference to your life now is it? And if it will then you might have to rethink one or two things. Just saying.


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