I is for Iceland

No, not Iceland. I meant iceland (which totally is a word according to a particularly obscure corner of the internet so that intensely irritating and completely out of place dotted red line can take an enthusiastic dive off a very tall cliff), which is apparently any land of perpetual ice. So it’s good to know that Iceland is appropriately named. After all, grave mistakes have been made before (here’s looking at you Greenland. And the thirty minutes or so I spent in Sandwich were noticeably devoid of bread encapsulated fillings of various kinds).

It would seem that Iceland is not the only land of ice to be found in this world (I’d have a crack at speculating about the next world or even the wider reaches of our own galaxy – Europa’s the one that’s an entire moon of ice, right? – but sadly there simply isn’t enough time. Because I said so. Anyway, I’ve got other stuff to be getting on with rather than going on and on about places abroad encrusted with water occupying its solid state. And even if I didn’t, which I totally do and I don’t know who’s saying otherwise, I douby that there’s anyone out there who would really be all that fussed with regards to reading my ice related musings. Yes that was quite a tangent).

Haven’t you ever heard of Antarctica? That magical place where the penguins roam (and take flight whenever they think we’re not looking, they’re running the long con those cunning birds)? Not that I’ve ever been or anything, but I’ve heard tell that it’s rather chilly down that way so it’s safe to say that it’s yet another iceland, blanketed in snow and wrapped up in glaciers and other various features of a sub-zero land mass. There are probably another couple of icelands up the other end of the globe around about the North Pole. Probably. Tell you what, you go and check for me.


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