I is for I Bet

Oh there are so many things I bet. For one, I’m absolutely certain that you’ve been dying to know just what I think about something terribly important. Especially as I spent time on more than one occasion (at least I think I probably did. Tell you what, you go back and check for me because I’m writing just now and I don’t have time to do it myself. That was a fancy writery shaped excuse trotted out as opposed to copping to what’s really going on which is obviously that I can’t be entirely bothered to do my own research) speculating as to what insights I might have down the line.

It’s Friday, I’ve kept you hanging for nearly a whole entire week (not to mention that lightly tortuous first paragraph). I bet you’re getting your very fetching knickers in a twist on the very edge of your seat wondering what I reckon as regards the new Doctor Who. I knew it, after all this time we’ve spent together you’re getting rather predictable you know. Oh no, it’s not a criticism whatsoever, I wasn’t saying that at all. It makes my job an awful lot easier after all.

So there were robots replenishing themselves out of human bits similar to the Girl in the Fireplace episode though they never came out and said so. There was the lizard woman, her lady wife and the confused Sontaran butler who happen to be a group of characters I’m frankly getting rather tired of. And then the new Doctor came into play. There’s no denying that Capaldi is a good actor (he is still Capaldi in my mind, it’s going to take a little while for me to start thinking of him as the Doctor I’m afraid) and a Scottish non flirty Doctor might well be in order. So far I do actually approve which is a relief. I wasn’t even very happy when Matt Smith phoned, it made the whole situation feel ever so slightly forced. Let Capaldi stand on his own two feet. And don’t you dare hand him a walking stick.


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