G is for Getting Harder

Oh you dirty perverted thing. Is that really all you ever think about? I make an entirely innocent if ever so slightly ambiguous reference to things whatever they may be getting harder and that’s where your mind goes? Why would you choose to hold it against me? Alright now, stop it. This smuttiness is definitely saying a lot more about you than the words I choose to use.

I suppose that now I’ve said all that, even if you weren’t thinking it in the first place (you, my youthfully clean and innocent little flower, are my favourite. Mainly because it means that I get to have the chance to be the one doing the corrupting which is always a lot of fun. Not that I have any previous experience in that particular area of course…), it’s probably becoming more difficult to read this post any other way. The situation may well have escalated in its factor of trouble if you know what I mean. Even if you don’t, well, it’s my blog and I can come out with pretty much anything I feel like. Now you’re just being silly, you can’t possibly have read any level of entendre into that. Yes I am telling you what you should be thinking, it makes everything a hell of a lot simpler for you.

After going on that completely mental (in so many ways) journey of discovery, I’ve forgotten entirely what my initial thought was when I said that something was getting harder. It could well be just about anything, I might have been waiting for a jelly to set (if only) or have left some bread or cheese out and felt the need to lament its spoilage. Probably not though, it would be a rather weird thing to decide to share with a hoard of strangers on the internet. As opposed to all those completely normal things I come out with usually.


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