A is for An Ode To Cotton Eye Joe

It’s more than safe to say that there’s a mighty stack of things that I simply do not know when it comes to music. You aren’t massively surprised about that are you? Let’s chalk that one up to you being particularly intuitive rather than some cruelly implied insult about my tastes and preferences that would much better go unsaid. The fact is that I happened to unearth a list of the most loved one hit wonders of all time and there are precious few that I actually recognise. I have to scroll all the way down to number sixteen of twenty five (my poor little old mouse fingers get ever so tired you know) before I get to one that I’ve definitely heard before (Tubthumping by Chumbawamba if you’re interested, a name that usually manages to coax a giggle from me because I am an actual child).

But then at number twelve we reach Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex. It’s charmingly textbook, everything that a true one hit wonder ought to be. It has a clearly defined gimmicky style, it’s undeniably catchy in a maniacal sort of way and the few lyrics contained within are repeated almost ad infinitum (or is it ad nauseum? My classical languages were never exactly my strong suit, I just slipped that in there so you would think I was cool… did it work?) so that learning the song is practically impossible not to do.

So while Cotton Eye Joe stands as a very solid example of what we’re talking about, I am going to have to quibble with the number one spot holder on this list. I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by the Proclaimers. They’re the Proclaimers for heaven’s sake, far from one hit wonders. Sunshine on Leith, I’m on my Way, Let’s Get Married, Letter From America et cetera. Come on internet, sort yourself out or I’ll be having words with your mother.


One thought on “A is for An Ode To Cotton Eye Joe

  1. Hi Ros! Met you yesterday at the comedy conference – at dinner! Like the blog although I have to take you to task on Cotton Eye Joe. They had one other hit here and masses and masses in the rest of the world. In fact they’re still going! I wrote a blog about what actually constitutes a One Hit Wonder = here it is http://joffthompson.wix.com/comedy#!The-Wondering-About-The-One-Hit-Wonder/cour/94DB715E-C3E6-44DA-9F6F-66D540B22FEE regards, Joff! x

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